Many people asked about the name of "Fenming."  This is a combination of the names of my dear parents' (芬 + 明 = 分明).  The direct translation of Fenming is "lucidness", which is also the design philosophy I've been pursuing. Behind Fenming
Hi, my name is Pei Chien, born and raised in Taiwan.  I came to New York for school in 2000 and started my professional career as a web designer for more than 14 years.  I have worked for various industries from IT, fashion, video games, education, and Ad Tech.  I enjoy the variety of the design challenges, and I believe that design is to reach out for better communication. My inner geek and curiosity drive me to learn more.  I'm equipped with strong knowledge of HTML 5 and CSS.  I also know Android OS (in terms of UI/UX) extensively in addition to the iOS.
...if you want to know more about me:
Please drop me a note via the contact form on the sidebar or send an email to pei [at]  🙂